Deal Alert: Amazon Has Anime Blu-rays for Up to 50% Off

Awesome anime, cheap prices, what more could you need?

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Amazon’s annual 12 Days of Deals event is ongoing and today the company has something extra special on offer: Anime deals! Some of the biggest anime series, complete from beginning to end, all on Blu-ray. With up to 50% off, many of these prices meet of exceed the discounts we saw on Black Friday, so now is an excellent time to consider stocking up. All 37 anime on sale can be found right here, or you can see our list of highlights below:

An anime classic that’s adored globally, now complete on Blu-ray and at an incredible price. This normally runs $30, and the $20 sale price matches its lowest-ever offer on Amazon.

A series about transforming weapons, who have humanoid forms, and collect souls. Pretty straightforward right?

A great series if you like funny moments mixed in with intense, Samurai centric action, all set to wonderful music.

A story about a mother and the journey she goes through while raising her two unique children.

Follow Vash as he is constantly hunted for a past he can’t remember, which often results in explosive fights with more than enough destruction for any fan.

Kenji is a young student with a wild ride ahead of him, and for only a few dollars, you can now watch it unfold from the comfort of your home Blu-ray player.

Evangelion needs no introduction, and now you can jump in to the first part of this rebuilt trilogy thanks to today’s deal.

Filled with ridiculous action and absurdity only Dragon Ball can deliver, now with a 25% discount!

What happens when you have the worst day of your life, only to find out you can rewind time? At 60% off, now’s the time to join Makoto and find out.

It’s not everyday you find a deity sleeping in your cart. At nearly 50% off, you can find out what happens when Lawrence is presented with that exact situation.

A young boy stumbles into the world of beasts and is found by an old, gruff warrior who decides to take him in. If only things got better from there..

Rounding out our list is this massive collection of Dragon Ball Z. Every episode, on the terrific Blu-ray format, and coming in at a sweet 21% off. This box set has only been discounted once before on Amazon, and normally holds very steady to its $175 standard asking price.

Which of these are you adding to your collection? Let us know in the comments.


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