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Destiny 2: Warmind Lost Memory Fragment Locations | TOP DID All You Need To Know

Destiny 2: Warmind Lost Memory Fragment Locations


This page contains all of the Lost Memory Fragments locations in Destiny 2. 

Memory Fragments are the latest collectible, arriving alongside the release of the second expansion, Warmind. These Fragments are similar to the Calcified Fragments in the original Destiny.

To collect the Lost Memory Fragments, you must locate them and shoot them with the correct element. The Fragments are represented by four colors: orange, blue, purple, and red. The first three are your typical elements, while the red represents the new Valkyrie Relic Weapon. If you are having trouble with elemental damage, the Hard Light Auto Rifle Exotic is able to switch between elements by holding down reload.

There are a total of 45 Lost Memory Fragments for you to collect all across the planet of Mars. Collecting them will give you Mars Tokens that can be turned in to Ana Bray for Reputation rewards. Collecting a total of 35 Fragments will net you the new Worldline Zero Exotic Sword, while finding all 45 Fragments will grant you the G-335 Anseris Overdrive Exotic Sparrow.

Make sure to check back for the full list of Destiny 2 Lost Memory Fragments as we continue to find all of them. 

EditGlacial Drift I

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For this first Destiny 2 Lost Memory Fragment, you will need to fast travel to the Glacial Drift Landing Zone and head just left of the spawn point. Remember to use the appropriate elemental weapon.

EditGlacial Drift II

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To get to this second one, you will want to head to the western end of the bridge just in front of you and go around to the opposite side of it, facing the spawn point south of you. It is hidden right under the bridge. 

EditGlacial Drift III

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For your third Lost Memory Fragment, you will want to head to the second one hidden under the bridge as seen above. While looking at that one, pivot 180 degrees and look at the building above you. You will find this bright Destiny 2 Fragment near the roof of the building. 

EditGlacial Drift IV

For the fourth Fragment, all you need to do is look on the cliff just to the right of the building. You will have to zoom in and look carefully to find the glowing spot on the cliff. 

EditGlacial Drift V

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The same building featured in three and four will come in handy here as well. Instead of looking on the outside of the building, though, you will want to head inside and look immediately to your left and you will find this fifth Glacial Drift Destiny 2 Lost Memory Fragment. 

EditGlacial Drift VI

For this Lost Memory Fragment, you will want to head to the opposite eastern end of the bridge that we haven’t visited yet. The Fragment is located on the large building right next to it. For the best vantage point to shoot it, we recommend going onto the bridge.

EditGlacial Drift VII

Head back to the Glacial Drift spawn point and immediately head to the right alongside the cliffside as seen in the first screenshot above. Once you’ve reached the area in the first screenshot, immediately take a 180-degree turn and you will find this Destiny 2 Lost Fragment hiding on the side of the cliff.

EditGlacial Drift VIII

This next one is in the exact opposite direction. From the spawn point, head directly west in the direction of the icy wall. In the center of it is the Fragment, which can be a little tricky to see because both the wall and collectible are light-colored. 

EditGlacial Drift IX

Go back to the large building by the eastern side of the bridge. This time, we’re going to head into the building. Once inside, use the containers or boxes around to hop your way to the upper level on the left side. Once up there, you will find the Fragment on the opposite of the room. 

EditGlacial Drift X

Head back to the fast travel point and find a tall, skinny tree a short distance away to the northwest. The Fragment will be hiding in plain sight atop the tree. 

EditGlacial Drift XI

Once more, you will want to head in the direction of the eastern building by the bridge. Look just above the entrance we passed through earlier and you will find this easy Fragment. 

EditGlacial Drift XII

For the final time, head towards the eastern building by the bridge. Go just past it and into the building right past it. Follow the short path to a dead end and turn around. The Destiny 2 Lost Memory Fragment will be hidden in the upper right corner. 

EditLost Sector I

This next one will take us to the Mars Lost Sector (good for you if you haven’t found it yet!). First, you will want to start at the Glacial Drift fast travel point and head east along the cliffside like with a previous Fragment. Continue down the path this time, however, until you reach a cave entrance.

Follow the linear path into the Lost Sector cave until you reach the first really open, huge room filled with enemies. Upon entering, you will quickly see a small crashed ship to your right. The Lost Memory Fragment is hidden just to the left of it by another cliff. 

EditLost Sector II

From the crashed ship, you will want to turn left and continue along the cliffside until it curves around to the right. When you’ve reached this point, turn around and face the opposite direction. You should see the crashed ship with the previous Lost Fragment on the other side of the ravine. Look down into the ravine and you will find this Fragment hidden down there. 

EditOlympus Descent Cave I

Time to go back towards the ice wall from before. Go to the spawn point in the Glacial Drift and head west towards the ice wall. You will find a cave just to the left of it, which you will need to enter. Follow the linear path through several rooms of enemies until you reach a point where the path diverges into two branches.

Take the right branch and you will quickly see a bright entrance in front of you in that same room. At this point, turn immediately around and the Lost Fragment will be located down in the ravine below. 

EditOlympus Descent Cave II​

Head back to the entrance of the cave and find the crashed ship there. Go around to the left side of it and look just beneath it and you will find this Fragment. 

EditOlympus Descent Cave III

Like with the first Destiny 2: Warmind Lost Memory Fragment in the Olympus Descent Cave, you will want to start at the entrance, go past the crashed ship, and follow the linear path through several rooms of enemies until you reach a fork in the road. 

This time, you will want to head left and keeping going until you pass through an exit in the cave that leads you outside again. From here, follow the path until you’re a little closer to the two protruding ice walls. The Fragment is located up on the walls, nestled sort of between the two but closer to the one on the left.

EditDynamo Approach I

We are finally leaving the southern half of Mars with this one. What you will want to do is fast travel to Braytech Futurescape. From there, head directly left along the cliffside path. Keep following it until you see a tall tower above you. 

Continue on the path that curves just around the corner ahead so that you can face the tower from its front. The Fragment will be atop it, glowing brightly alongside the lights. 

EditDynamo approach iI

From that location in front of the tower, turn around and head into the small cave that is easy to miss just north of your location. This will lead you to the Alton Dynamo, which we will need to head to in a moment.

When you see the glowing lights and the exit of the cave, immediately turn around and you will see this Warmind Fragment atop a small rock. 

EditAlton Dynamo I

Now it’s time to enter the Alton Dynamo, a sort of confusing area on Mars. For the first one, head into the entrance from the cave you were previously in and go towards the pillar on the left edge of the large room.

Continue walking along the left side until you see the pillar above that has the next Fragment hiding in a small crevice on its left. 

EditAlton Dynamo II

This one is the trickiest we’ve done thus far. Your best bet is to start from the cave’s entrance to the Alton Dynamo and follow the right side of the room instead of left this time. You will pass by a door that can’t be opened. Keep going and you will find one on your right that can be.

Go inside the door and you will come to a split in the path. Go right and it will lead you into the very confusing server room. Immediately turn right and follow the railing until you see a small generator-like object in the corner. Keep following the wall past it until you see a second one that has an Override Frequency next to it as seen above. Turn immediately around and you will see the Fragment above you.

EditAlton Dynamo III

Leave the server room and go back to the part where the path splits left and right. This time, head left into the bright room with enemies. Continue past them into the next room. The Fragment is located on the ceiling in the middle of this room. You may need to jump on objects in the room in order to get the best shooting angle. 

EditHellas View I

Continue past the room of the previous Fragment until you reach a dim outside area. This is Hellas View, and you can always check your map to make sure you’re in the right spot. Head to the ledge directly right across from you and jump onto it. From here, you can a dim cliff wall on the other side of this massive, dark ravine. The Fragment is shining brightly on the cliff wall. 

EditHellas View II

In the same outside area, turn right and head to the back wall. From there, turn right around and look up to the scaffolding above. On one of the pipes, you will see the next Destiny 2: Warmind Lost Memory Fragment. 

EditHellas View III

To the right of the back wall, there is a door. Go inside that door and follow it a short distance until you see a large computer on your left. The Fragment is just to the right of it in plain sight. 

EditHellas View IV

Here, we have the most tricky and puzzling Fragment yet. The actual Fragment can be found directly behind the one we just found but, unfortunately, it requires solving a short puzzle. 

To do the puzzle, you will need to travel back to the bright room on the left side of the branch from a few previous Fragments in Alton Dynamo. As soon as you enter the room (from the fork), you will find a grate up high near the ceiling on your right. Shoot at it to open a secret air duct passage. Jump into it and sneak into a hidden room. Interact with the console in the small room and leave. 

Return to the room in Hellas View where the last Fragment was and turn around and face the previously red door. Every few seconds, it will open up slightly, allowing you to shoot at the Blue Fragment there.

EditHellas View V

Stay right where you are from Destiny 2: Warmind Fragment 26 and continue into the next room that is filled with enemies. Upon entering the room, immediately head to the right until you reach the rails that block you. From there, turn left and look up across the room. This Fragment will be well hidden and barely seen on a pipe near the ceiling. 


EditBraytech Futurescape I​

We are finally leaving those areas and heading to a brand new place. Fast travel to the Braytech Futurescape for the next big chunk of the Destiny 2 Lost Memory Fragments. Immediately head into the main building directly in front of you and jump up the stairs and turn around to see this Fragment on a crate next to some seats. 

EditBraytech Futurescape II

This next Fragment is located directly behind Ana Bray, but outside. So, to get to it, start from the Braytech spawn point and head northeast. Keep checking your Ghost to keep an eye on Ana’s location relative to you. You will find some pipes in front of you that are right behind Ana and you must jump on them to see the Fragment. 

EditBraytech Futurescape III

Starting from the fast travel point, head directly east along the edge of the wall. You will quickly see this Fragment glowing brightly on the side of the wall far ahead of you underneath some pipes.

EditBraytech Futurescape IV

This one is pretty easy to find. Starting from the spawn point, turn to the huge building to the right of you and the main building. This Destiny 2 Fragment is located at the top of the building near the top right corner. 

EditBraytech Futurescape V

You will want to head from the starting point towards the main building directly in front of you. Just before you enter, look just to the left and find the panel on the left side of the building. Interact with it, then turn around and go just southwest to the building right behind the one facing the panel (it’s the building just to the left of the spawn point). 

Enter the ground level room of the building and walk to the back of it where the previously locked door has opened slightly. The Fragment is clearly seen there.


EditBraytech Futurescape VI 

This Fragment is located on the building facing the panel from the previous one. While facing the panel on the left side of the main building, look at the building across from it. This Fragment is near the top of the building and just a little ways down. 

EditBraytech Futurescape VII

This is a simple Fragment to find, but tricky to actually get. From the starting point, head northeast until you reach the edge where there are some stairs. Under one staircase in the middle, you will see a yellow cannister. The Fragment is located on there, but can’t be seen from any angle except in front of it. 

One way to do this is to use a grenade or explosive weapon to blow it up without seeing it. Otherwise, your best bet is to find the small opening in the rails and drop down to the small platform below. From that platform, jump up to the cannister just above you and destroy the Fragment. 

EditBraytech Futurescape VIII

This Fragment will also require you to follow the edge of the wall east of the spawn point. You will go along until you reach the trains to the left of you. You will want to jump up onto the roof of the small building just to the left of the trains. From there, you will need to zoom in and shoot this Fragment from afar. It is located on one of two large cannisters next to each other.

EditBraytech Futurescape IX

To get to this Fragment, you will want to head into the main building where Ana Bray is located and head to the left side. Find the large Exoscience sign and go into the room to the left of it. Head past the first set of stairs and into the next room where there are two sets of stairs, one on the left and the other on the right. This Lost Memory Fragment can be found in the middle of the two in plain sight. 

EditBraytech Lost Sector I

To reach the Braytech Lost Sector, you will need to start from the spawn point and head to the building immediately to your left. You might remember this building and entrance from a previous Fragment in which you have to open a secret door. Instead of dealing with the secret door, you will want to follow the path to the right deeper in.

Once you come to an open room, turn left and you will find yourself inside Core Terminus, the Braytech Lost Sector. Continue past the point where it’s really dark and you enter a room filled with enemies. There is a door in the upper right corner that you can interact with, letting you take out this Fragment.


EditBraytech Lost Sector II

Continue deeper into the Lost Sector until you reach the final room with the chest and good bit of enemies. In the far right corner, there is another door that is already slightly ajar. You will see this Destiny 2: Warmind Lost Memory Fragment on a shelf to the left inside. 

EditAurora Reach I

To arrive in the Aurora Reach, you will need to enter the main building in Braytech where Ana Bray is located. Go to the left side of the building and into the room to the left of Exoscience sign.

Continue along this linear path until you exit the building in the Aurora Reach. There will be a platform (probably with an enemy or two on it) to your left. Go to that platform and crouch down. You will see this Fragment hidden underneath the bridge.

EditAurora Reach II

To the right of the last Fragment is a building you can enter in the Aurora Reach. Enter it and follow its path to a tunnel. Crouch down and go inside the tunnel. This will lead you to a hallway of sorts where this Lost Memory Fragment is clearly seen in front of you on a crate. 

EditAurora Reach III

Continue down the pathway deeper into the Aurora Reach until you enter a dark room with a weird sphere suspended in the middle. Jump onto it and then jump towards the open duct directly in front of you. 

Crouch down and crawl through the grate until you reach a hidden room. Turn left and you will find this Destiny 2 Warmind: Fragment on top of some boxes.

Edit Warmind: Rasputin I

From the room where the sphere is suspended, drop down to the ground floor. Continue outside until you reach the Warmind: Rasputin’s area. Ascend your way up to the platform that leads into the area filled with a ton of enemies guarding the Warmind. 

Enter into the area and immediately go straight across the open gap towards the unopenable door on the first floor. Just to the left and up of the door is a hidden Fragment for you to get. It is entirely possible to accidentally get this one during the open missions of the expansion. 

EditWarmind: Rasputin II

Exit the enemy-filled area and return to facing the entrance to it. While facing the entrance, go to the right to the edge of the platform where the rail is. Look down below and you will see a pipe.

Jump down onto the pipe and walk along it until you come to a small platform on your right. Go just past it and there will be a small piece of the pipe that protrudes to the right. Walk onto it and then aim upwards to find this next Destiny 2: Warmind Lost Memory Fragment above you. 

EditWarmind: Rasputin III

Now time for a tricky Fragment to grab if you don’t know what to do. For this one, you must have completed the story expansion (or are on the first mission that takes you here) and eliminate every single enemy in the Warmind: Rasputin area.

This means the two floors near the entrance to the Warmind as well as the floors beneath it that you used to ascend up. Once all enemies are defeated, the door will turn blue and you will be able to interact with it to open it up. Walk inside onto the bridge and turn left. Aim and you will see this Fragment glowing.

EditBraytech Futurescape X

Fast travel to the Braytech spawn point. Head towards the main building but just before you enter, turn right towards the next building. Go on the other side of the building and you will see a big blue cannister leaning up against the side of the building. On top of it is this dark red final Fragment that must be taken out with a Valkyrie Relic Weapon.

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