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Dragon Quest 11: Magic Key Door Locations (Awesome Loot!) | TOP DID All You Need To Know

Dragon Quest 11: Magic Key Door Locations (Awesome Loot!)



These locked red doors contain rare items and require a special key to unlock. These doors are shown as red lock icons on the map. You will receive the Magic Key after defeating Dora-in-Grey in Phnom Nonh.

This page contains the locations for every Magic Key Door in Dragon Quest 11, including images for the location of a magic door, and the list of every treasure inside each of the hidden rooms. This page is a work in progress — please check out our other collectibles sections, too:

Dqxi md 01.jpg

  • Treasures: Wristorative

Dqxi md 02.jpg

  • Treasures: 5000 gold coins

Dqxi md 03.jpg

  • Treasures: Banishing Blade

Dqxi md 04.jpg

  • Treasures: 2000 gold coins, Making the Magic Happen (recipe book), Seed of Skill, Mini Medal.

Dqxi md 05.jpg

  • Treasures: Mini Medal, Divine Designs (recipe book), Seed of Magic, Dieamend.

EditZwaardrust Ruins

Dqxi md 06.jpg

  • Treasures: Classy Clobber for Kingly Kids (recipe book), Purple Orb, Enchanted Stone, Choker.

EditDundrasil Region

Dqxi md 07.jpg

  • Treasures: Mini Medal x3

Dqxi md 08.jpg

  • Treasures: Falcon Knife Earring

Dqxi md 09.jpg

  • Treasures: Mini Medal, Zombie Mail, Seed of Life.

Dqxi md 10.jpg

  • Treasures: Sage’s Elixir, Secrets of the Silversmiths (recipe book).

Dqxi md 14.jpg

  • Treasures: Thunderball, Uniforme de L’Academie, Seed of Skill, Mini Medal.

EditInsula Australis

Dqxi md 11.jpg

  • Treasures: Slime Crown

EditInsula Occidentalis

Dqxi md 12.jpg

  • Treasures: Falcon Blade

EditInsula Centralis

Sail to the light pillar off to the east of Insula Borealis and use Lorelei’s Harp there to reach this island.

Dqxi md 13.jpg

  • Treasures: Sainted Soma
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