Expand Your Nintendo Switch Capacity With One of These MicroSD Card Deals

Go big with micro SD cards.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is nearly here, and if you want to start playing the second it’s made available, you need to buy yourself a digital copy. But what if your Nintendo Switch is almost filled up? You could get rid of some of the stuff you have cluttering up its 32GB of internal memory, or you could take advantage of these micro SD card deals at Amazon right now.

Of course, these aren’t just Nintendo Switch micro SD card deals. If you have an Android phone, camera, drone, 2DS/3DS or other device that accepts micro SD, this is a great opportunity to expand their capacity as well.

SanDisk Ultra Micro SD Deals

This isn’t quite the Black Friday price for this SanDisk Ultra micro SD card with enormous capacity, but it’s pretty close. For $99.99 you get 400GB of storage with good performance that should future proof your Nintendo Switch and free you from carrying all those easy-to-lose cartridges around with you.

Not looking to spend $100 but still want to get a SanDisk Ultra micro SD card on sale? Try one of these sizes instead:

SanDisk 64GB Micro SD Card for Nintendo Switch

This SanDisk 64GB Micro SD card for Nintendo Switch is on sale right now, too. It doesn’t offer any special performance boost compared to non-branded card of the same class and capacity. What it does do is remove any and all doubt as to whether or not it works with Nintendo Switch. If you’re giving, or know someone who’s getting, a Nintendo Switch, this is a great companion gift.

Samsung EVO Select Micro SD Deals

The 128GB Samsung EVO Select card is on sale, marked down 52% from its regular price. This is another great choice for your Nintendo Switch or Android device, with 100MB write speeds, making it suitable for capturing 4K video.

If you want a larger EVO, the 256GB card is also on sale, although the savings aren’t quite as dramatic. Here are more Samsung EVO Micro SD card deals:

SanDisk Extreme Plus Micro SD Deals

This SanDisk Extreme Plus 128GB doesn’t beat the comparably sized Samsung EVO micro SD in terms of pricing, but it matches or might eke out the EVO in terms of performance. If you’re a SanDisk purist, or want to take advantage of the inclusion of the SanDisk RescuePRO Deluxe recovery software if you ever lose your important files, consider these cards.

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